HHR Industrial Park-Lot B

Location: Zhengzhou, China
Client: Henan New Hanhai Property Co., LTD.
GFA: 200,145 m2
Program: Warehouse 170,233 m2 ; Retail 29,912 m2
FAR: 1.49

Huanghe Road Industrial Park is located in the heart of the ZhengDong district of Zhengzhou City and is at the technological innovation center of the region. The programmatic approach of the project is to create an industrial/logistic park, which is becoming a new trend of development in China. As the wave of developing large scale mixed-use projects is slowing down, developers are attempting to create innovative mixed-use programs. The intention of this project is to design a mixed-use business incubator with a primary focus on creating flexible spaces that can adapt to future functions.



The varying profile of the vertical fins creates different densities and porosities across the façade. The field condition of the façade appears to ripple, playfully reflecting the movement at street level. The pure, unadorned aluminum materials embody the strength of industrial buildings, while conveying a sense of flexibility. Within the skin, a group of vibrantly, colored egg-like shapes hold building program. At key moments, the egg-like shapes break the skin to reveal the interior condition.