Vertical Forest Community Gate

Location: Zhengzhou, China
Typology: Gate


The project is located south of the Yellow River in Guoling, Zhengzhou, where the forest coverage is nearly sixty-eight percent. Currently, low-density, high-end villas (living) and spa facilities (leisure) occupy the landscape in a delicate balance with the surrounding forest. Responding to the need for higher density, the project proposes residential towers blanketed with dense-green facades. The result is a group of modern, vertical forest-like towers that provide a significant increase in density, while maintaining the delicate green ratio.


To highlight the ecological theme, the gate design uses the abstraction of the trees to integrate modernization in the traditional figure. The main body of the gate creates an image of two trees growing from opposite sides of the road.



The sides intertwine at the middle to form a large canopy that provides an iconic presence. The wood and aluminum materials used for the gate echoes the modern materiality of the towers.