Xingyi Deyi Elementary School

Location: Xinyi, China
GFA: 40542.65m2
In design

When planning the volume of the building, this project hopes to break the boundary between the school activity venue and indoor classroom space, and maximize the expansion by setting up overhead spaces, terraces, sunken squares and roof gardens on each floor of the building volume. And the activity venues of diversified buildings meet the active nature of learning and life, and provide a richer activity space. Makes more educational activities can be carried out outdoors, not just confined to the classroom space.

Through the public green belt in front of the school, the school entrance plaza, and the overhead volume of the teaching building, the nature of the Dabian Mountain on the other side of Jingfeng Avenue continues to the school teaching building in a landscape sequence, and is three-dimensional inside the teaching building. Extend to form a concentrated green space on the ground, a terraced landscape, and a sky farm on the roof.