Liliana de Sousa

Project Manager

Liliana joins Archimorphic as the new Team Lead and Project Manager. She brings fresh perspectives to the table and centers her attention to keep team members highly motivated and engaged. Throughout her 15-year career at various architectural firms around the world, she gained relevant experience in all phases of medium and big scale projects.

Her architectural path started in the studio Miralles Tagliabue in Spain, where she collaborated to complete the Gas Natural Headquarters. Her quest to diversify her portfolio led her to China, where she worked with Zeidler Partnership Architects, in both Beijing and Shanghai. When she decided to return to Europe, she continued extending her profile with residential and institutional fields together with Geurst & Schulze. A short passage through Brazil and Angola gave her a distinctive insight to fast growing markets, their demands, limitations and how it vastly influences and shapes design. She then returned to Asia and established as a Design Architect and Project Manager, with involvement in mixed-use developments such as Sky City in Malaysia. The United States is the latest and missing piece to enhance her journey, for its competitive market and well known business driven mindset.

Liliana is versatile, methodic and detail oriented with an obsession for alignments, symmetries and proportions. She is a passionate Architect that believes in the correlation between architecture and life. She will leverage on curiosity as an inspiration to create consistent and sustainable architecture.

“We are a sum of all our experiences and that is reflected in the way we feel and do architecture.”